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How to change the order of your all collections in Shopify || 2022

How to change the order of your all collections in Shopify

We can change the order of products in the collections in shopify easily, just open the collection and manually change the position of the products in the collections. But we can’t able to change the order of all collections. They are ordered alphabetically and if we want to change the collection order according to our design then follow these steps.

1)  Create a collection menu and add the collection in the order you want. Name the menu of “All Collections” check the attached image
order collection in Shopify

2) Then GO to Themes

In the Sections directory, find list-collections-template.liquid file, In some themes it is named main-list-collections.liquid Open it.

Find This code

{% for collection in collections %}

Some themes contain the following code instead:

{% for collection in list_collections %}


collection order in shopify


Replace each occurrence of the above code with:

{% for link in linklists.all-collections.links %}
{% assign collection = link.object %}

Then save it. I hope it will work. Just follow all the steps with complete focus and if you have any query feel free to contact our agency. Thanks


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