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How to start a Shopify print on demand dropshipping store using printful app

No more upfront inventory costs or shipping logistics. With Shopify Print-on-demand dropshipping store,  products will be designed and sent directly from your Printful app to your customers. Not sure where to start? Read the complete guide to finding, evaluating, validating, and sourcing a product to sell online.

Why do we use Shopify for print-on-demand dropshipping?

The biggest benefits of Shopify is easy to set up and it has an intuitive interface, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced sellers. Since there’s no time to waste when it comes to business, Shopify free or paid themes store themes are tailored for ecommerce needs—fast-loading and mobile-friendly. Offer your customers more freedom with products that are uniquely theirs. Let the shoppers create personalized products right on your storefront with the personal tool and boost your sales.

Uses of Printful App

 Printful uses a print-on-demand (POD) business model that works like this: you set up an online store and sell merchandise that has your designs on them. Printful will print, pack, and ship the products to your customers, so you don’t have to worry about the technical side of running a store.

A print-on-demand Shopify dropshippng business is where you work with a supplier of white-label products (like t-shirts, tops,  baseball hats, or tote bags) to customize those products and sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand and with your own designs.

With print-on-demand, you don’t pay for the cost of the product until after you’ve actually sold it, so there’s no need to buy in bulk or hold any inventory yourself. As such, it continues to become a popular business model in the world of ecommerce.

Plus with print-on-demand services, everything after the sale, from digital printing to order fulfillment and shipping, is handled by your supplier.

A major additional benefit of print on demand is. that once you’ve set everything up, it takes only a few clicks to fulfill an order after you’ve made a sale.

Print on demand can be used to build a business based on the dropshipping model—where the products and shipping are all handled by a third party. It’s one of the most accessible ways to source products or starts an online business, but you should know the perks and limitations before you dive in.

Pros and Cons of Printful Shopify App


  • Create products quickly. Once you have the design, you can create the product and put it up for sale in minutes.
  • Shipping orders is taken care of. Shipping and fulfillment are out of your hands and into your supplier’s. After the sale, you’re just responsible for customer service.
  • Low investment, lower risk. Since you’re not physically holding any inventory, it’s easier to add or remove products, test ideas, or pivot your approach.


  • Lower margins. Naturally, your costs per item will be higher than if you buy in bulk.
  • Less control over shipping. Shipping costs can get complicated, as they might vary for different print-on-demand products. Your options are also limited if you want to create a standout unboxing experience.
  • Limited products. Your ability to customize products depends on the vendor and the product. Depending on which print-on-demand companies you want to work with, you’ll have to weigh base costs, customization options, and available sizes when deciding which vendor to choose.

Why do People love the Printful app Shopify?

  1. Stand out with customizable products: Offer your customers designs that can be personalized directly on your store—add names, initials, or even images.
  2. No order minimums: Save money and avoid the leftover stock. The products you sell are made only when your customer makes an order.
  3. Reach global audiences—sell worldwide: Your orders will be fulfilled in one of our 17 fulfillment locations, closest to your customer for quick delivery anywhere in the world.
  4. All eyes on you: We don’t put our name anywhere, so you can let your brand shine.
  5. Forget about investing in stock and equipment: With Printful, you don’t have to worry about keeping stock, fulfilling, and shipping your orders. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with marketing and design trends!
  6. Worldwide fulfillment: Sell to customers worldwide—we’ve got locations across the globe to bring you closer to your audience.
  7. Save time on design creation: Make eye-catching product designs with our Design Maker in minutes.
  8. Easy-to-use design tools: Create eye-catching visuals, stunning product images, and more with our free Design Maker
  9. Rely on our 24/7 customer support: Our support team has your back around the clock with any questions you might have.
  10. Warehousing services: If you offer handcrafted or outsourced items on your store, send them to us and we’ll store and fulfill them for you.

Print on demand Printful app is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products. Whether you wish to create your own online brand or gift, someone, or a personalized t-shirt, we can help you get it done.

Steps Shopify Print on Demand

Step 1: Go to the Shopify app store and search for Printful and install it. 

Printful Shopify app
Step 2: Create a Printful app account. 

Printful shopify app

Step 3: Connect your email account with the Shopify store 
Step: 4 Click on add products and select the products which you want to sell in your print-on-demand store. Like t-shirts, mugs, hats, iPhone covers, etc. 

shopify prnt on demand pintful app

Step 5: Upload your design and adjust the product customization or you can add simple text also. select the color variants also

Step 6: Click on proceed to media then select the product mockup. 

printful mockup
Step 7: Add products to your store

  1. Add the title and description 
  2. Add product into the collection 
  3. Set your pricing and submit your product

Step 6: Set up shipping
Set up shipping on your store.Printful’s shipping prices
Step 7: Set up a payment method
Add funds to your Printful Wallet

Your products will be automatically added to your Shopify store. 

printful to shopify

What are the Main Shopify Print on Demand Advantages?

Easy to use
It is a very user-friendly app. You can easily set up your store on it. 

High Profitability
We can add good margins on each product. their prices are quite reasonable as compared to Shopify. 

Amazing Quality
Retail-quality print-on-demand products your customers will love. All are made from natural organic materials & quality checked before shipping.

What is the Best Print on Demand Companies?
While there are many print-on-demand companies to choose from, here are some of the most popular:

  1. Printful
  2. Lulu Direct
  3. Gooten
  4. Printify


Print-on-demand services offer an accessible place to begin for new entrepreneurs or for anyone who just wants to test an idea before they invest in it. There are thousands of white-label products out there that you can make your own, and no shortage of possible designs to pair with them.

Select combinations will inevitably sell better than the rest, but it’s relatively easy to repurpose the same core design for several products.

If your business idea pans out and you start generating a meaningful number of sales, you can always graduate from print-on-demand to holding your own inventory or continue to use these services while finding new ways to grow your audience.

The greatest advantage of the print-on-demand model is the flexibility it affords your business and the time it gives you back to focus on growth.


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