How To Start A Shopify Store In Saudi Arabia and UAE?

E-commerce is the talk of the town lately. It not only offers ease of doing business from home but also enables business owners to sell internationally. E-commerce does not require you to mobilize labor and operations to another country. You can simply market your business online and start selling. A business owner can save the cost of rent, wages, utility bills, and many other expenses. In this article, we will discuss how to start a Shopify store in Saudi Arabia and UAE because they are the fastest developing countries in the Middle East. They are major contributors to Middle East GDP. Setting up an E-commerce business in these countries would be really profitable.
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We will discuss the best payment gateways, and suppliers, and how to configure taxes to make things easier for you.

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Best Shopify Payment Gateways In Saudi Arabia And UAE:

A payment gateway is a payment processing software used by shopkeepers and business owners to process payments of orders. It is an interface between the merchant’s website payment processing bank. If we talk about Shopify payments gateways, it has the best payment processing software. Shopify does not compromise on its customer experience. It partners with world’s leading payment provider for customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. A business owner can pay customers in their local currency using their preferred payment method. Best payment gateways in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Paytabs
  2. 2checkout
  3. Amazon payment services


Paytabs process payments very smoothly and prevents fraud. It concentrates on providing online customers and merchants a platform to pay and get paid.


2checkout is a trusted payment gateway with more than 17000 clients and 4 global offices. It acts as an excellent option since it integrates smoothly with e-commerce building websites.

Amazon Payment Services: 

It is a payment processing software offered by Amazon. The unique and best thing about this platform is that it serves both banked and unbanked customers. It is most widely used in KSA due to its appealing features. 

Best payment gateways in UAE are:

  • Telr
  • CashU
  • 2checkout


Telr is a popular payment gateway in UAE. The platform is used in 120 countries. Moreover, there is no set up fee, and the payment gateway is supported by recognized e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce, Opencart, and others. 


CashU is a pioneer online payment solution in the Middle East. It is famous for security and modern fraud detection. CashU guarantees every transaction without the risk of chargeback.

How To Start Dropshipping In UAE And Saudi Arabia?

  • Select the items to sell: A business owner should opt for products that people living in Saudi Arabia are willing to purchase.
  • Select the manufacturer of your product: finding trustworthy and reputable manufacturers is crucial for your business. 
  • The position you product: third step is to decide where to sell your products online in Dubai.
How To Set Up UAE Taxes In Your Shopify Store?

You can set taxes for your store in the UAE by changing settings of taxes. If you are unable to see your desired country in list of countries then you will need to add it as a shipping zone first. Once you have UAE and Saudi Arabia on list, then go to settings in taxes option and select UAE and Saudi Arabia, then enter 5% tax rate into the country tax field and you are good to go. If your products are tax exempted then add collection of tax-exempted products and set their tax rate to 0%.

  • Is Shopify allowed in UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Shopify is allowed in UAE and Saudi Arabia. They are largest contributors of e-commerce generated revenue. 

  • Is license necessary to sell on Shopify in UAE?

Yes, license is necessary to trade in UAE. Foreign countries cannot trade without a license.

  • Is online selling legal in UAE?

Yes, online selling is totally legal in UAE. You must have license to conduct a business.



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