Shopify without ecommerce

How to Start a Shopify website without ecommerce or Add to cart button

Shopify Without Ecommerce

We can use Shopify without ecommerce Shopify is primarily known as an e-commerce platform that enables users to create and manage an online store. The platform provides a wide range of features and functionalities to manage products, process orders, and handle payments. Shopify is widely regarded as one of the best e-commerce platforms available. It provides an all-in-one solution for small to medium-sized businesses to create and manage an online store.

However, if you’re looking to use Shopify without the e-commerce functionality, it’s still possible to do so. Shopify offers a “Buy Button” feature that enables you to sell products directly from your website or blog, but the rest of the e-commerce functionality is not available. You can use Shopify as a content management system (CMS) to build and manage a website or blog, but it won’t have the ability to manage an online store.

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Additionally, Shopify provides a range of third-party apps and integrations that can add additional functionality to your website. For example, you can integrate your website with a form builder app to create contact forms, or with a newsletter app to manage email subscriptions.

Remove Shopify Add to Cart Button

It is possible to use Shopify without an “Add to Cart” button. If you don’t want to sell products through your website, you can remove the “Add to Cart” button from the product pages and hide the shopping cart.

Here are the steps to remove the “Add to Cart” button from your product pages:

  1. Access your Shopify store’s admin panel
  2. Go to Online Store > Themes > Edit code
  3. Locate the product-template.liquid file in the Templates folder
  4. Find the section of code that includes the “Add to Cart” button
  5. Comment out or delete the section of code that includes the “Add to Cart” button
  6. Save your changes

Note: The exact code to remove may vary depending on your Shopify theme, so it’s important to consult the theme’s documentation or reach out to the theme’s developer for assistance if you’re not comfortable with making changes to the code.

Once you’ve removed the “Add to Cart” button, the shopping cart will also become inactive, so it’s also a good idea to hide it from the website’s header or footer to avoid confusion for your visitors.

In conclusion, by removing the “Add to Cart” button, you can use Shopify as a basic website builder without the e-commerce functionality.

In conclusion, while Shopify is primarily known as an e-commerce platform, you can still use it without the e-commerce functionality by leveraging its CMS features and third-party apps.

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