Benefits of using shopify

What Is Shopify? Benefits Of Using Shopify

Have you ever thought of selling your handmade jewelry or thought of starting a small business but the thought of large capital investment, renting a space and a warehouse, hiring employees, or stocking up on inventory stopped or demotivated you? Well, you are sorted now. Shopify is an e-commerce platform through which you can easily sell your products and its subscription will not cost you a kidney. There are many other benefits of Shopify such as customization, ease to use, international shipping, excellent customer service, and whatnot. All these advantages of Shopify are discussed in detail below, If you are interested, keep reading.

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What Is Shopify?

Shopify can be defined as an e-commerce platform that helps you sell your products both online and offline. It has multiple benefits and is easy to use. Shopify makes the selling process easy for sshopify benefits tore owners by helping in interact with customers, showcase products, process payments, and much more. One of the main reasons Shopify is distinguished from other e-commerce platforms is because it gives an advantage of customization. You can customize the theme of your store according to your liking or according to your products. It has many other benefits that we will talk about in detail. Shopify facilitates sellers a lot. It saves time, cost, energy, and whatnot. Here are some advantages of choosing the Shopify e-commerce platform.


14-Day Free Trial

Shopify offers a 14-days free trial for beginners. They can use it for free, test free apps, and decide if it works best for them or not. Store owners can make their online-customized store if they get hands-on with this platform.

Minimal Cost

The first and foremost question that arises in a business owner’s mind is capital. How much capital is needed to start a business? When considering Shopify as an option for your e-commerce business, the subscription fee is subject matter. Shopify helps you kick-start your business and bring it to a large company with a minimal cost. It charges $29 per month. Check out the Shopify pricing plans here 

Customizationshopify benefits

The most prominent feature of Shopify is customization. It lets store owners customize their online stores according to their preferences. It makes a product and stores appealing to customers, and they are tempted to buy your products. Shopify has a wide range of themes to choose from. You can also select your desired color and style.

No Technical Skill Needed

The most prominent Shopify benefit is Shopify quite easy to set up. It does not require you to have technical assistance or some IT (information technology) knowledge. You can set up your store in a few simple stores without much hustle.

Be Creative, Sell Anything

Since the cost and entry barriers in Shopify are quite low, you can sellshopify benefits anything you want. From handmade jewelry, sunglasses, and stickers to furniture, everything can be sold. The cost and effort of renting a shop, paying utilities, and paying salaries to workers often become a hindrance in having your startup but Shopify will make it easier for you more than ever.

Do Not Worry About Low Inventory

Yes, you heard that right. Shopify saves you from the hustle of maintaining an inventory. Shopify benefit in inventory issues. You can direct the order placed to the supplier and the product will be shipped directly to the consumer. You do not have to worry about low inventory stock, warehouse expense, and reduced lead time.

Cloud-Based Service

Shopify is a cloud-based service. Shopify merchants get the advantage of advanced computing technologies and not only that but they are also saved from server crash issues due to heavy traffic. They can better manage traffic and earn those profits that are lost during the downtime. Moreover, owners can easily access their store from anywhere in the world without paying a huge amount.

Shopify Lets You Experiment

If you are a beginner and confused about whether your idea of a dream business will work or not then Shopify is here to facilitate you. You can easily assess the attractiveness of your product by putting it up on Shopify and checking consumers’ responses to it. If your product is attracting consumers and has the potential to gain market share then you can think of going for a brick and mortar store.

Take Your Business With You Anywhere And Everywhere

There are free iPhone and Android apps of Shopify that let you manage your business everywhere. All themes of Shopify can be set through mobile phones as well. It makes it easier for users to check business updates, keep traffic checked on the website, and much more.

Easy Payment Process And Excellent Customer Support

This advantage of Shopify is very attractive to customers and store owners. Shopify is responsive all the time. Their team replies instantly. It’s easy to access them. They can be contacted through email and mobile phone. Customers can file an appeal by filling out a document. They have their community forms and other documents that are used in this regard. Moreover, Shopify payment is the easiest way to accept payment because they have its payment gateways. It saves you from the nuisance of setting up a merchant account. Shopify payments are fully linked with your store.

Now Go Global Easily With Shopify

You can easily run an international business now with Shopify. Your Shopify store can be accessed easily by international buyers. They can easily check out your products online and place an order by paying through Shopify payments. Even new startups and small and l businesses can also go global and reap impressive profits without much hassle. USPS, DHL Express, Canada Post, and UPS are courier services that can be used to ship internationally.

Shopify makes it easier for you to buy international products. Now consumers do not have to request a relative coming from abroad or hire a personal shopping and pay their commission too. Shopify is here to facilitate you. Consumers can even schedule a delivery according to their availability.

Wrapping It Up

To conclude, we can say that Shopify is all in one platform. It lets store owners make up their minds if they want to use the Shopify e-commerce platform by offering a 14-day free trial. To give customers a more real experience, Shopify has a customization option. Sellers can customize their online store and select a theme for it. All these themes can be easily set up through mobile too. Yes, you can now trade products and services from everywhere to anywhere. If you are someone who has got no technical knowledge or assistance, then no need to worry. Shopify is extremely easy to use and set up only a few simple steps are required. There are other tons of benefits of Shopify such as better traffic management, no inventory stocking, freedom to sell anything, easy payment, and much more. All of them are discussed in detail above.

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