Shopify vs amazon vs ebay

Shopify Vs. Amazon Vs. eBay || Which Platform is best for start Selling Online

It is a Shopify Vs Amazon Vs eBay day. In this article, we will discuss the detailed comparison of these three platforms to see which one is the winner. Read till the end.

Shopify Vs. Amazon Vs. eBay:


Amazon started as an online bookselling company but soon morphed into an internet-based business enterprise that is largely focused on providing e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (Al) services. It enables sellers to make an account on Amazon and sell products within strict rules. Customers can buy anything including clothes, home essentials, beauty products, and whatnot. Amazon offers several monthly packages to merchants. Amazon is used by people from all over the world and in many different languages and ships to nearly every country in the world. Furthermore, you can integrate your existing sales channel with Amazon to expand your business.

Pros And Cons:

Amazon is the most commonly used platform. It has a wide customer segment and people use Amazon for price checks before making retail purchases. Moreover, Amazon created a program called Fulfillment by Amazon, that manages logistics and liabilities of getting all your products to your customers. The fulfillment program by Amazon offers discounts on shipping: you can save a huge amount of money when using the partnered carrier option. In addition to that, Amazon has referral program: which means that people get incentive of promoting your products. Referral program benefits everyone, leading to reducing competition.

Amazon has wide customer segment, which means that platform is highly competitive. There are tons of alternatives and substitutes for a single product. Amazon also does not allow you to promote or contact sellers directly and just like E-bay, Amazon sides buyers in disputes.

Shopify: Shopify Vs. eBay

It is an e-commerce platform. It lets potential business owners start an online business. People with a business idea can build an online store on Shopify, select a theme for their store, add products and start selling to their niche. It is effortless and less costly to start a business with Shopify because you only have to pay a subscription fee and you are good to go. Expenses for paying rent, utilities, and employees are reduced. There are many other ways through which expenses are reduced in Shopify such as drop shipping. Dropshipping lets you order directly from the supplier and ship it to the consumer without having to stock up on inventory. There are options like a 14-day free trial, an easy payment system, and minimal cost in Shopify that provide ease for business owners. 

Shopify is not just a marketplace but it is a website builder. You have to create your website and store to start selling on it. There are many pros and cons of it, let’s discuss.

Pros And Cons:

Shopify has its own POS, CMS, many different themes and templates, and what not. It makes selling a lot easier, as compared to other platforms. The only con of Shopify is that you need to install third-party apps to get reviews. 

eBay:eBay Vs. Amazon

eBay is one of the longest-standing venues that’s suitable for taking a first dip into e-commerce .eBay caters the most to people selling individual items, both new and used.

Pros And Cons:

eBay does not have any minimum limit of listing items, you can list one item and 50 items for free. Moreover, you can even put up your products for auction to sell them for higher price. eBay is the easiest marketplace platform to use.

The biggest con of eBay is that its customer support is not up to the mark and it gets quite stressful at times. There are even chances of scams in auctions on eBay: it’s possible for an auction buyer to win a bid on your item but still fail to pay. 

  • Is Shopify bigger than eBay?

Yes, Shopify is bigger than eBay. Shopify handled $41.1 billion in sales volume in 2018 on its platform that helps other retail businesses operate online.

  • Is Shopify part of eBay?

No, Shopify is not part of eBay. You can integrate Shopify with eBay but they are different platforms.

  • Is Shopify free to use?

No, Shopify is not free to use. It charges a subscription fee. Shopify offers 14-day free trial to get a hands-on platform but after that, you have to pay the subscription fee. 


To conclude, we can say that Shopify is the safest choice for a business owner. It offers excellent customer support, POS, and dropshipping. To add some basic functionality, you need to install third party apps but they are free. I hope this article was helpful. 





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