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Top 3 Shopify E-commerce Email Marketing Tools

Marketing is becoming essential for every business. All your efforts go to waste if marketing is not done effectively. There are many types of marketing and businesses opt for the one which suits them. One of the types is email marketing. Email marketing is defined as direct marketing. It lets businesses share updates, new products, and services with customers on their contact lists. Automated emails are sent to customers. Those emails are customized by marketing professionals. They are customized according to the target audience and business goals. Email marketing is crucial for all businesses but especially for e-commerce. The good news for Shopify users is that Shopify has built-in email marketing tools. In this article, we will cover some of the Shopify email marketing tools and their specialties.

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Choosing A Right Shopify Email Marketing Software

What makes marketing software right? Well! there is no right or wrong software. Marketing software that fits all your marketing goals is the right software. Every marketing software offered by Shopify has its specialty. It is possible that a very advanced, expensive and famous software might not satisfy all your needs. Most of the email marketing tools have the same basic features and very few different and advanced ones.  There are a few basic features every email marketing tool posses.

  • Templates that are customizable according to your needs.
  • Smart automation feature for scheduling your email marketing efforts without constant monitoring.
  • A feature that provides insights into how an email marketing campaign is performing.
  • Transparent and affordable billing. You shouldn’t receive a massive because of the increase in your subscribers.
  • A feature to divide your audience into segments so you can send targeted emails based on customer profiles.
  • A friendly user interface allows everyone on your team to run email marketing campaigns.

To pull off an email marketing campaign, proper email marketing tools are very important. We have come up with the top 3 Shopify e-commerce email marketing tools to help you take a step. Keep reading.



Klaviyo email marketing tool.

Klaviyo is designed specifically for e-commerce. It is a leading e-commerce marketing tool. There are over 50000 e-commerce stores using klaviyo to run their email marketing campaigns. It has 1399 positive reviews and a 4.2/5 positive rating. It is an easy-to-use tool. Klaviyo is a free marketing tool until you have more than 250 contacts then fees are charged monthly based on your contact list. Moreover, klaviyo offers targeted SMS marketing options as well as detailed insights into SMS marketing campaigns.

This marketing tool offers a lot of ease for business owners or marketing professionals by sending product recommendations and content based on history, browsing activity, and preferences by simply dragging on the content block. You can customize your content based on best seller items, abandoned carts, most viewed products, items ordered, and based on research from the marketing team. There are some ready-made templates available that can help you launch successful campaigns quickly. Customized subject lines and emails are available to send to specific target markets. Research shows that klaviyo provides a 90x average return on investment on email marketing.  Klaviyo offers excellent support and tips to its users.

SMS marketing is another effective way to create awareness about your business among the target audience. Not everyone checks emails daily but SMS is surely checked after 1 hour or 2. There are more chances of SMS reaching a quickly to the audience. You can personalize and automate your text which will persuade customers to buy with Klaviyo. You can import contacts and capture signups from third-party forms. Businesses do not sit and wait for customers to come, they pull customers. Klaviyo lets you send personalized follow-up texts to get more sales.

Moreover, it offers 50 ready-to-use templates that can be customized according to your branding. There is a variety of embedded forms, flyouts, and pop-ups available at Klaviyo.

MailChimpMailChimp email marketing tool.

Mail Chimp was founded in 2001. It is known for its outstanding marketing and branding. It has a huge share of the email marketing market. MailChimp is free until you have more than 2000 contacts.  Intuit has acquired MailChimp and they both are continuing to help e-commerce marketers with their email marketing needs. You can send the right marketing campaign to the right segmentation with MailChimp’s audience segmentation tool. Now you must be thinking that segmenting customers must be a task but it’s not. MailChimp helps you divide your target audience with just a click. It has ready-made segments available based on campaign activity, and past purchase history.

Email marketing is just no more about sending automated messages. It does not work this way. Emails should be more personalized, more like a conversation with a client. MailChimp adds a personal touch to your messages to make your audience feel connected. You can make your messages a 1-to-1 conversation with dynamic content, merge tags, and personalized send times.

Email marketing is just one of the amazing features of MailChimp. You can also bring your brand online with free MailChimp domains, landing pages, and website builders. MailChimp notifies you when a contact joins your audience to help you manage your audience better. All these features do not cost you a thing. You can use MailChimp free plan at first and then go towards the advanced version, you will be better able to decide which feature to opt for. Some MailChimp features include:

  • Easy to use landing page builder.
  • Intuitive drag and drop editor.
  • World-class email marketing automation.

MailChimp is an OG email marketing tool. It is trusted by big giant businesses. This platform has earned the trust of thousands of users.

SendVioSendVio inforgraphics

SendVio is another very famous marketing tool. It supports Email and SMS marketing to drive growth at any stage of your business. SendVio is the most trusted platform. It is trusted by more than 200000 users. It provides an Email automation service. You can create effective marketing campaigns by using pre-built workflows with advanced segmentation tools to send different email sequences depending on each customer’s behavior. SendVio helps you drag back your customers by sending personalized messages when your customers abandon a checkout process. it also sends offers to loyal customers to guide them towards your goals.

SendVio has mobile-friendly templates that keep the customer scrolling for hours. There are segmentation tools such as pop-ups that are triggered according to customer behavior. SendVio offers a lot of ease to its users by offering pre-designed templates. It has smart seasonal e-commerce template designs to increase conversion rates and there are templates in different languages such as English, French, and Spanish.

SendVio is free for users who have less than 500 contacts. It offers 500 free emails and 50 free SMS in a month.  The Free SendVio plan includes

  • Pre-built automation & workflows
  • Advanced Segmentations
  • Email automation
  • SMS automation
  • Popup forms
  • Email marketing/ Newsletters
  • Performance Analytics
  • Customer success manager
  • Free phone, email, and chat.

And there are some other options too. The Professional SendVio package charges $11 per month and offers 3000 emails and 50 SMS per month. It has similar features as the free plan but allows you to reach 1000 contacts.

How To Compare Three Marketing platforms?

Three Marketing platforms Klaviyo, MailChimp, and SendVio can be compared in three aspects.

  1. Compare the services and features included in each plan.
  2. Compare the method each platform uses to validate the number of contacts in your plan.
  3. Compare the price of each contact.


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